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Smiling lady

10 things that always make me smile

When you're feeling down and the weight of the world is on your shoulders, what's the one thing that always makes you smile? Here are a few things that light up my face. The … More

Kebede running in the Paris Marathon

What’s your tempo?

If you want to do a marathon you'll need to walk, jog, or shuffle 42.195 kilometres. Whatever way you do it, once you've crossed the line you're a marathon finisher. You've done … More

Steven Bradbury wins gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics

The Great Pretender

Do you ever feel like a fraud, that at any moment your success will be exposed as just dumb luck? Perhaps you feel that you've tricked the world into thinking your smarter than you … More

What’s your Number 8?

You probably know I grew up on a farm. On a farm, farmers use wire. Lots of it. They use it to build fences and gates, to fix machinery and make kids toys. There's nothing that … More

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What keeps you faithful?

Johnny Cash once sang¬†"Because you're mine, I walk the line." His song was intended to proclame his love and devotion to a woman. But in reality it was - as is so often the case … More

7 ways to deal with negative people

Let's face it, negative people can be a drag. Their whining, nit-picking and gloomy outlook can make us want to give up on our goals and ambitions. But we don't have to put up … More

7 Regrets to Avoid Before You Retire

Mark Twain said that you'll regret the things you didn't do much more than the things you did do. It's a sage observation. So what are regrets do people have when they retire … More

Zen and the art of the cold shower

Some conversations change our lives in ways that can't be imagined or predicted at the time. For me, one of those conversations took place at the end of a Zen meditation … More